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A Defense of ElitismĀ 

I have recently began following the Herdwick Shepherd on Twitter and have enjoyed getting regular updates about the new lambs and rural life in the Lake District of England. It reminds me how little I know of sheep and shepherding.

Whenever someone makes a claim of superior insight into Scripture they are immediately accused of being an elitist. But it is impossible to get past the fact that some people have a greater knowledge and experience in some areas than in others. And that knowledge and experience gives them better tools to understand and interpret passages of the Bible. For example, I have no doubt that when the Herdwick Shepherd reads “the Lord is my Shepherd” he has far more insight and experience to give the metaphor meaning than I do sitting in my cramped subdivision whose HOA won’t allow “livestock.”

Humility recognizes one’s limitations and readily listens. Wisdom recognizes that superior insight does not necessarily come from the academy but often comes from shepherds.